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Business to evolve with the developments in mobile technology

June 1, 2011

When big irrigation schemes started, out growers were encouraged to become suppliers of produce to these projects. This sucked more people in the job market. Business as we know it will continue to evolve with the developments in mobile technology. Uganda and other East African countries have seen the advancement of payments for services using the phone. Phones are used to pay utility bills, transfer money plus mobile banking as some of the services. One of the largest subscribers in Africa, MTN has a subscriber base of 147 million (perhaps including the ones in the Middle East) up from 141 million at the of 2010. In Uganda alone this the subscriber base grew 6.9% to 6.4 million by end of December 2010. Since the beginning of the year, the it has registered 500,000 subscribers which has pushed their numbers to 7 million. MTN says 1.7 million customers have registered for mobile money services. But little has been done through ‘thinking-outside- the’ to use this opportunity to introduce businesses to add value this high growth sector.

Government and private businesses should work together to introduce ways the jobless people into the productive sector and to enable a decent employment. This will improve lives and minimise the unemployment problem in Africa. Many universities and colleges are producing skilled labourers but the economy is not growing as fast to get them to absorb them. There is no tangible programme or project to help tackle unemployment. This makes it fertile ground for the youth to play cards and board games like ludo, and African chess. This does not contribute to the men and women feeling they are living a life of equality in the job market.

The budget for 2011/2012 should address this problem by allowing tax rebates for new jobs for the skilled ones. There should an aim to make them job creators. This will make them own the company and hold each other accountable when promoting and protecting these companies from rioters. What waits to be seen is the fact that this together with other factors will translate into favourable environment for business process outsourcing.

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