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Uganda: Meeting the public’s expectations

June 8, 2011

As we head into another financial year, what would a jobless person need to get into employment? One is being available to offer his services, being informed, have the skills, and be able to work under the conditions set by the employer. The main employer the world over is government. They are normally called pen pushers.

But what about Africa, where government’s structures are not yet developed to enable this to happen. The East African countries will be reading their budget today Wednesday 8 June 2011. The main expectation of the public is the announcement of tax cuts. Tax cuts on essential commodities would enable people to go about their least ‘affordable’ lifestyle. The power and hope for citizens to influence the budget allocation and to monitor its implementation is long gone. To be precise, they are not informed and involved. This makes them miss out on the forming the core of effective budget accountability.

The citizens in micro, small and medium (MSMEs) enterprises are not even fully aware or just outrightly lack information. None has come out to help. In his state of the nation address, the Head of State in Uganda mentioned reviewing salaries, and earlier in the week he mentioned increasing household incomes. The issues of creation of jobs was not touched but may have been implied. That is the issue which is faced by youth and those who are out of available job bracket in the economy. While other countries are addressing the infrastructure and energy they also tackle unemployment. Who is representing this unemployed constituency? Who will fight for their rights to gainful employment in a decent job?

Government should get back to the drawing board. Private companies too must chip with creation of more opportunities to suck in more staff. That way, hope will be restored.


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