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Uganda: Reality of budget reading and people’s expectations

June 13, 2011

For the past week, various stories have caught my attention with regard to jobs. Budget at a glance, dictation of phone call rates price, failure to spend 10 billion in education, one year after July 11 bombs and the UIA Christian Business Forum.

The stories spell un-coordinated planning and more restructuring. About 400,000 graduates join the market place, only a paltry 500+ jobs were shown in the budget. The job market can only absorb 20% of the youth! What about the inadequate skills for a single mother left without a bread winner after the bomb? She has asked her children to do odd jobs to earn that extra coin. She needs a real job. Government gave ICT computers to traditional schools to address IT skills. Are there goals and objectives plus are the positions to monitor these projects filled? The secretary in the education ministry said, his departments are inadequately staffed to monitor and efficiently supervise the numerous projects and programmes. The resultant scenario is chaos and a recurrence of challenges in infrastructure, inadequate skills base, inappropriate attitudes to work, limited access to financial services and of course less employment opportunities. This is exacerbated by limited adoption of ICT and apathy to integrate basic book keeping principles in business.

Three organisations have embarked on the journey to bridging the gap for the youth, CEDA which aims to empower the girl child through a mentoring programme and Y-Save which operates a micro-finance scheme to address the mindsets and attitudes of youth towards encouraging a savings culture. The third one is Enterprise Uganda (a government arm) to show people that you can start a business. Government should focus energies in the next 5 years-capacity building to create more jobs and better skills.

  1. ‎”Entrepreneurs are risk takers, willing to roll the dice with their support of an idea or enterprise. They willingly assume responsibility for the success or failure of a venture and are answerable for all its facets” Victor Kiam, American Entrepreneur

  2. I totally agree with the idea that a savings mentality should be encouraged amongst Ugandan youth! Excellent article -thanks.

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