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Uganda: Job creation and income from the energy sector

July 6, 2011

When was the last time you had electricity load shedding and it got to your nerves? It is the song currently playing in Uganda. My daughter commented: “I can now see why the crested crane is standing on one leg the day it stands on two legs or flies we shall be liberated from backwardness!” Did not expect this from an 11 year old. She then asked me about Solar energy. I decided to write about what I saw and heard in Israel. Every roof top has a solar gadget which can generate power to warm their water and houses during winter. But what they produce is always in excess so they are authorised to sell to their national power grid line. This should have been highlighted in the budget as a source of job creation and an improvement of the energy infrastructure.

With electricity demand at 8% for projected demand while at 12.8% for actual demand, if each citizen was given the chance to do that, then each one of us would “Take their share of the electricity generation and let others (read big thermal companies) take theirs.”  Not all revolutionary ideas were built on big companies or resources, they started small. But what do we see now – a colosuss of bureacracy complicating all matters to do with public procurement. These laws need to be amended to help the local citizens participate in developing their nation.  Unemployment and income generation will only come if each person plays their part and is freely let to do so without lengthy procedures. Andrew Mwenda tweeted – “Public procurement in the country has one million and one procedural rules making it long, slow and cumbersome to purchase anything.”


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