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Information led transformation: when the leaders speak, action is bound to take place

July 18, 2011

In my blog of 8 June 2011, I mentioned giving citizenry a chance to own companies.  I also mentioned that mobile telecoms companies will enable other businesses grow as they become more innovative.  This will see job seeker gets a chance of owning that business it draws them closer to a dignity and increased self-esteem.  We can see this happening in Africa if we encourage flourishing business to offer shares in their companies to African citizens to partly own.  What is now seen as impossible can change, where standards of living increase as a result of allowing part ownership of the business. 

The recent strike in the transport industry is an example where the drivers and conductors are asking the operators (managers) to accept to save their social welfare separate from the daily chargeable rates going to the operators. That way you limit the rate at which animosity builds between the customer and owner.

Once you become a part owner of the system you subscribe to, there is an attitudinal change regarding the way you view that company.  Chances are that you will not be on the opposing side, but rather be comforted by the fact that your job enables you to own the system.

This will in fact pave the way to address the social infrastructure as to improve their leadership skills. Pegging the membership and leadership strata to skills will help build the middle class. The result will be a continual process related to addressing the inappropriate mindsets, attitudes, ethics and business culture.

It will also address the patriotism that was seen at the village wells and roads in the early seventies when the infrastructure was owned by the community. When one owns the system they  safeguard property.


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